Welcome to the World Mine Sweeper Network web page.

The World MineSweeper Network, is a worldwide server, that allows people from all over the world to play multi player minesweeper over the internet.  In order to play you need a copy of Multi Player minesweeper (see the download section).  This also allows for multiplayer games over a LAN.

What is Multi Player Minesweeper?

Multi Player Minesweeper is a clone of the minesweeper included in Windows, however, it has the added multiplayer functionality See (Screenshot). This gives the opportunity for up to 10 people to play a single minesweeper game, over a LAN or over the internet.  Go to Download to download copy, it is free!

How to play Multi Player Minesweeper?

There are two ways to play Multi Player Minesweeper.  One is over a LAN the other is over the World Minesweeper Network Server.  To play over a LAN you simply need to create a server in a LAN environment and other players should be able to connect through the connect through LAN option.  (The world server has not been operational for a while) The other way is to connect over the worldwide server, however because this isn't the most popular game I doubt there will be to many active games on the server.  Anyways, to connect you need to be on the internet and the worldwide server needs to be active.  Check out WMN Status if there are any problems.  The worldwide server may be down.


November 16, 2009 Changed some text in the main page to confirm that the WMN is down.

July 14, 2005 Added new page for my new robot!

April 26, 2003 The WMN ip changed to, updated software and web page to reflect this change.  

March 18, 2002 Added link my robot homepage on the end of this page

January 27, 2002 The WMN moves again to, updated download section to reflect this change. Added screenshots

December 09, 2001 Fixed a bug so the game now works fine in windows NT based operating systems.

November 14, 2001 Bad news, the WMN had its IP address changed on it.  The new IP address is  Please see info in WMN Status page to see how to change the IP of the game.

November 11, 2001 I finally fixed the problem of the WMN removing servers from its list for no reason at all.  Now the WMN should be fully functional.  A new version (3.1) is available for download, which is required to create a server on the upgrades version of the WMN.

October 28, 2001 I'm still working out some bugs in the WMN server.  It is online but may have some problems..  In the meantime  Enjoy LAN play.   A new version of Multiplayer Minesweeper (3.0 build 2) is now available from download, fixing bugs.

October 16, 2001 Web Site started


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